Hello… Another ARTISTIC TOUCH in Art from the heart.

Affordable, attractive and artistic wall decor for everyone. We all want to have our own room or house especially when we’re in campus. Something strikes us.. We want the pretty clocks on our walls. The glow in the dark wallpapers on our bedroom walls but we think that we can’t afford them. Maybe someone told you that putting the glow in the dark wallpaper costs Ksh. 10,000.

Your mind rings venye unaweza decorate hiyo bedsitter ama single room unaishi. You want your friends to feel the artistic touch in your small room.

I’ve realized that you can easily access cheap wall decor.. Check them here..

1. Removable Vinyl Art Wall Sticker.

❤❤Pretty, right? Removable stickers for only Ksh 370 at the Jumia stores. You don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.. 😂😂

2. Musical Notation Art Vinyl Decal.

Another one.. We love music. 🎼🎵 We try to sketch music notations in our books.. It would just feel cool to have the notations on our walls. At only Ksh. 570, you can get this for your wall..

3. 3D Simulation Fake Butterfly Wall Art Decor.

Cool butterflies for a cool room for only Ksh 280 at the Jumia stores..

4. Quote Art Wall Stickers

For the word lovers..❤❤ For only Ksh. 550 at Jumia.

Decorate, Create, Attract.. Cause you’re A PIECE OF ART!!!




Sing to me about forever
Sing to me about the sunsets with a happy ending
The sweet love stories
And they lived happily ever after
The love stories with a twist, sad endings
Romeo and Juliet
Tell me the story
Of how you kept tripping, weeping, tripping again
Before you spelt your heart out
To a broken soul like mine
Sing to me honestly
If forever is a week or a month
Or till we’re gray and old
Or forever, to infinity
Even when we’re ghosts
Sing honestly
If this is another trial and error
Then we might be making an error
They say love is just a fantasy
I can’t recall the million times I’ve read books
And I’ve been to places I’ll never be physically
If love is a fantasy,
It’s the best place I’d rather be
You can sing to the rhythm of your heart
As I strum strings alongside the beats of my heart
What a perfect combo!


“She keeps coming for more, Coming for some more…” When I hold my fists, head bowed, leaning my backside onto the pew. The words I hope Almighty says about me each and every time I show my face and set my foot into the chapel. “Baby, blessings will come.. One plus one two” The words I whisper to my only son with wells of tears in his eyes and swells of aches on his red cheeks. I keep telling him that daddy won’t return so son stop mourning stop wearing all black maybe his soul will connect with ours one day and we’ll feel like he’s back. And we’ll be together forever, to infinity even when we’re ghosts. I keep promising him daddy…daddy…. No.. No one can play his role with perfect imperfection like he did.
And son, we have to hide in the cloaks of happiness from the rumour mongers and mongrels around… I’m so sorry.. Can you count the fury racing in my blood? Can you count the blisters and scars painting my heart? Can you see the bitterness raging and its temperatures inside changing from high to highest? The oratory has become the only place we seem to find our pieces little by little. Have I committed the biggest crime to go through all this. I just want some little more.. Some little more..
“Disloyal, haha.. Whose husband perishes. Didn’t he know excessive use of viagra is death? Hiding her face from dusk till dawn so the men she slept with can’t recognize her. Disloyal. Runs in the blood” The more I try holding my tears the more my eyes bleed with pain. Almighty, I just need some little more, strength. Though you’ve taken a part of my life, making it less, doesn’t mean that I should not cry for more.
Withered red roses on the graveyard. Yet my son spends his sleepless nights on the cold concrete having the cross with daddy’s name as his pillow, soaking it with tears, washing off its paint. Don’t ask where I spend my nights. We were kicked out of our house about a week ago. I have become a church mouse. The only place I will always find solace and peace. Son, let’s live as though it’s a script. But son, don’t forget you got one daddy who promises and reigns. He got a kingdom, owns a dynasty and controls the rains. Bow your head, cry for some little more son.


A Swahili love poem..

Cheka, nicheke nawe
Lia, nilie nawe
Sinibeze kaniwacha pweke nawe!
Ukienda n’tabaki bwege we!
Sio siri nayokutungia
Na maneno
Kayafikiria ubongoni kukuandikia
Haya basi ni uhalisia
Nakwambia ‘nayoyahisi
Mbona najihisi
Kama shujaa mwenye uhalisi
Ama mbona nahisi kama
Kitoto kichanga
Chenye kutunukiwa mapenzi yaso haba
Labda nitasema sababu ni wewe
Sio kupagawa
Bali ni uhalisia
Moyoni nahisi pendo
Lanivuta kwako kwa mwendo
‘Sijaribu kaenda kando
Na kujificha kwenye pango
Umenikatsia lengo
Kaniwacha na mapengo
Na kupagawa kwenye ubongo
Basi niahidi
Utakubali tufunge akidi
Tutulie pamoja msimu wa baridi
N’kununulie maua ya waridi
Nakungoja tu
Lazima itabidi..


Ni kama tu story ya Jana
Vile kufika poll tulikazana
Kuamka asubuhi na fulana
Kwa line tukasongamana
Imara tulisimama ka jeshi tukufu
Imani tukajaza ka jeshi la wokovu
Ati leaders tutapata
Wa kututoa kwa majanga na maovu
Na joy ya kupakwa finger hiyo ink
Ati leaders tutapata pap ka link
Imekuwa story ya kila siku
I wish ingekuwa Physics
Creations, inventions na innovations
Ndio story ya kila siku
Hadi climate imechange
Political climate ndio the new change
Imeaffect hadi the tiniest kid
Both cold na heat
Ya hii climate imetuhit
Leaving everyone in a fix
Kila siku climate ina twist
Tear gas
Imekuwa the new air tunabreath
Imesuppress oxygen gas
Kwa streets
Hosi zimejaa forerunners wa demos
Then tunablame police
Wameua our innocent
Poor sisi
Tunaomba Jehovah Nisi
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Tukumbuke sisi
Yet ni sisi
Tunatake to the streets
Tunademand this and this
Tunajidivide group this and group this
Na antagonists kwa political arena
Wenye wanafanya tunachukiana
Wanadine five star Serena
Tukiishi ghetto
Hatuna food ya kesho
Bizna zikiharibika Githu!
I wish hii ingekuwa piece
Ya kupraise peace
Sa itabidi nikae tu
Nitizame tu..


Laying on my straw pallet
I imagine I’m perfoming the ballet
With my fit feet
And your eyes fixed
On the moves
And twists
Of my feet
Your portrait
At the back of my mind lies
And your carving
And leaving
The heightful strong you imaginations
On my mind
I wake to the sight of the low roofs
And the wooden rafters
Clothed in thin silk
I love the way
I swim into the waters of my fantasy
The shivering
Of the midnight’s cold
Reminds me
Of my world of reality
No need to hate on myself though
It’s never wrong to build castles
I hear you in my thoughts
I see you in my dreams..


Piki piki maua
Lets hike in Maua
I bought some maua
I lost my letter
You found it
I will thank you later
Mwanzo wewe ni dhahabu
Asali tamu
Tuko engaged ka simu
Tease me
Sijui kiss me
I still see you in my dreams
Hear you in my thoughts.



You see
I always find it hard to tell my story
A story
That will make you worry
A story
That will make you think me not holy
A story
That will give me negative glories
Its the story
The story of how I fell in love
With the darkest street.

“Would you put on something better,
I mean something tighter, shorter, and smarter”
That was my best friend Jasmine
Who always thought
That she was brighter, tougher and better
I had set my legs on some baggy jeans
You know cold phobia ran in our genes
It was dark outside
And I was afraid to make even a little stride.

One minute,
I had paraded my thighs in the dim club
I took a sip one,two
It wasn’t enough
The next minute
I had paraded my thighs
In the dark street of ‘Feel Alright’
I kept looking left and right
Some girls stood by my right
I think..
They also fell in love with ‘Feel Alright’

I had some strong choking cologne
I was sure to kill them all, all alone
It was a big car
That stopped by my side
And in a blur
I hopped inside
And sat by the passengers side
All I know
Is that I had been broke
But the next morning,
I was so rich with so much dooh

I didn’t know that the love would turn into ashes
Not until I had some diagnosis
I did not have cirrhosis
But something more worse and serious
This was the beginning of my crisis
The time to pay my prices
The time I never wanted to see faces
It was a tough phase
Possibly, all I was waiting for was my demise
I cursed the time I met the darkest street
I just hoped I was writing a script…


I just don’t understand how it goes
The pain you feel when your heart crawls
Away from your chest as it goes
Life that once smiled back to your soul sobs
Its not seen again ,yeah ,there it goes
We deoxidize and roll back radio knobs
I don’t believe every step it goes
Provoke the heart in every step i try to knock
Locked in web of net it goes
No longer see the display picture of course
I think that’s how it goes
I regret speaking my heart in front of owls
I don’t believe because poetry it goes
Bad luck it wasn’t because everybody love knows
Why will that heart cry as it goes
Sad though i don’t wanna go
Don’t go i will lose my hope
Joy of making you smile
Every time give me a while.
Why goes,why not comes.