Hello… Another ARTISTIC TOUCH in Art from the heart.

Affordable, attractive and artistic wall decor for everyone. We all want to have our own room or house especially when we’re in campus. Something strikes us.. We want the pretty clocks on our walls. The glow in the dark wallpapers on our bedroom walls but we think that we can’t afford them. Maybe someone told you that putting the glow in the dark wallpaper costs Ksh. 10,000.

Your mind rings venye unaweza decorate hiyo bedsitter ama single room unaishi. You want your friends to feel the artistic touch in your small room.

I’ve realized that you can easily access cheap wall decor.. Check them here..

1. Removable Vinyl Art Wall Sticker.

❤❤Pretty, right? Removable stickers for only Ksh 370 at the Jumia stores. You don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.. 😂😂

2. Musical Notation Art Vinyl Decal.

Another one.. We love music. 🎼🎵 We try to sketch music notations in our books.. It would just feel cool to have the notations on our walls. At only Ksh. 570, you can get this for your wall..

3. 3D Simulation Fake Butterfly Wall Art Decor.

Cool butterflies for a cool room for only Ksh 280 at the Jumia stores..

4. Quote Art Wall Stickers

For the word lovers..❤❤ For only Ksh. 550 at Jumia.

Decorate, Create, Attract.. Cause you’re A PIECE OF ART!!!



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